With Kyle Bass, Dr. Richard Fleming, Todd Bensman and Prime Minister Salih Hudayar

Kyle Bass talks about Morning Star Ranch in Texas Kyle Bass talks about Chinese access to U.S. capital markets Dr. Richard Fleming discusses COVID-19, vaccines and more Todd Bensman gives an update on the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border Prime Minister Salih Hudayar talks about China’s oppression of the Uyghurs in East Turkistan

With Kevin Freeman, Allen West, Sam Faddis, Dr. David Clements and Alexander Marlow

Kevin Freeman talks about Biden’s response to Chinese involvement in our capital markets Secure Freedom Radio Exclusive with Hon. Allen West Sam Faddis talks about Antifa and Black Power violence in the U.S. Dr. David Clements gives an update on recount efforts underway in Arizona Alexander Marlow talks about his new book, “Break the News”

With E.W. Jackson, Dr. David Clements, Gordon Chang, Sam Faddis and Sen. Amanda Chase

Bishop E.W. Jackson, President, S.T.A.N.D America, talks about Critical Race Theory Dr. David Clements talks about the election recount efforts currently underway in Arizona Gordon Chang talks about Chinese military presence massing around Taiwan Sam Faddis discusses CIA Director Bill Burn’s potentially compromsing ties to the CCP State Sen. Amanda Chase’s run for Virginia governor

With Nina Shea, Dr. David Clements, Sam Faddis, Stephen Young and Todd Bensman

Nina Shea talks about the Biden Administration’s disregard for religious liberties abroad Dr. David Clements talks about the recounting efforts in Arizona Sam Faddis discusses the similarities between Antifa and BLM organizations Stephen Young makes the case for applying a Vietnam War era CORDS strategy to Afghanistan Todd Bensman reports live from the US-Mexico border

With Col. John Mills, Rep. Tom McClintock, Gordon Chang, Reggie Littlejohn and Jessica Anderson

Col. John Mills discusses the American Left’s mission to destroy the suburbs Secure Freedom Radio Exclusive with Rep. Tom McClintock (CA-04), Member, House Judiciary Cmte. Gordon Chang talks about President Biden’s meeting with Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga Reggie Littlejohn talks about the impending “Genocide Games” in Beijing, China Jessica Anderson from Heritage Action talks about…

With David Horowitz, Russ Ramsland, Michele Bachmann, Sam Faddis and Stephen Enada

David Horowitz talks about the America Left’s Marxist roots Russ Ramsland recaps on Fraud in the 2020 election Michele Bachmann talks about the future of the US dollar Sam Faddis talks about President Biden’s Cabinent and those with compromising ties to the Chinese Communist Party Stephen Enada talks about his Campaign to Free Nigerian Slaves

Securing America with Dr. Michael Rectenwald, Amb. Pete Hoekstra, Sen. Ted Cruz, Elaine Donnelly and Stephen Soukup

Dr. Michael Rectenwald talks about the Marxists’ plans for America Amb. Pete Hoekstra talks about the politicization of the US intel community and Huawei Secure Freedom Radio Exclusive Interview with Sen. Ted Cruz Elaine Donnelly talks about President Biden’s wrecking operation against the US military Stephen Soukup talks about why some corporations are opposing Georgia’s…

With Michael Walsh, Lee Smith, Michele Bachmann and Rep. Chris Stewart

Michael Walsh talks about the politization of the US Armed Forces Lee Smith: Who is really running the White House? Hon. Michele Bachmann delves into fraud in the 2020 election Rep. Chris Stewart recaps on Biden’s first press conference as President Rep. Chris Stewart on China’s unrestrictive warfare

With Brian Kennedy, Noah Weinrich, John Solomon and Gordon Chang

Brian Kennedy gives an update on electoral grand larceny in the 2020 election Noah Weinrich, Heritage Action for America, talks about the dangers posed by the “For the Corrupt Politicans Act” John Solomon: Only 47% of Americas believe Joe Biden is mentally fit for office Gordon Chang delves into the recent US-China talks in Alaska…

With Col. John Mills, Reggie Littlejohn, Kenneth Blackwell and Bob Carlstrom

Col. John Mills talks about social engineering within the military Col. John Mills addresses China’s growing cyber capabilities Reggie Littlejohn talks about China’s Two-Child Policy Ken Blackwell’s opposition to the For the People Act Bob Carlstrom talks about his organization, Association for Mature American Citizens

With Bill Walton, Sam Faddis, Dr. Michael Rectenwald and Carol Swain

Bill Walton talks about “Woke Capitalism” and Larry Fink’s BlackRock Sam Faddis delves into the increasing Antifa and BLM movements throughout the US Dr. Michael Rectenwald talks about the Marxists undertones in today’s Antifa movement Carol Swain on the Left using race as a weapon Pt.1 Carol Swain on the Left using race as a…

With Ben Bergquam, Sam Sorbo and Jeff Nyquist

Ben Bergquam gives an update on the impending crisis at the US Southern Border Sam Sorbo talks about the Frankfurt school of thought Sam Sorbo on “Digital Assassinations” and why the second crime scene is always worse than the first Jeff Nyquist talks about China’s military capabilities and strategy Pt.1 Jeff Nyquist talks about China’s…

With Ben Bergquam, Kenny Vaughan, Michael Berry and Robert Spencer

Ben Bergquam’s give an update at the US Southern Border Ben Bergquam: Actual footage of illegal immigrants being escorted across the border in Yuman, Arizona Kenny Vaughan’s fight for religious liberty in the military and his company, Shields of Strength Robert Spencer recaps on Pope Francis’s recent trip to Iraq Robert Spencer talks about Rep.…