With Rep. Mo Brooks, Dr. David Clements, Hon. Michael Pack and Joseph Humire

Rep. Mo Brooks talks about his recent interview with Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese defector Rep. Brooks: The nations of the world should be demanding reparations from Communist China Prof. David Clements talks about his new initiative, America First Audits Hon. Michael Pack and the “Beyond Bias” nature of the Mainstream Media Joseph Humire talks…

The Counter-revolution

Americans across the country are awakening to a frightening reality. We are in the midst of a Marxist revolution aimed at “fundamentally transforming” our country. The alarm is being sounded by parents and teachers, retired military leaders and conservative media hosts led by Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon. In particular, these “counter-revolutionaries” are warning about…

With Kyle Bass, Dr. Richard Fleming, Todd Bensman and Prime Minister Salih Hudayar

Kyle Bass talks about Morning Star Ranch in Texas Kyle Bass talks about Chinese access to U.S. capital markets Dr. Richard Fleming discusses COVID-19, vaccines and more Todd Bensman gives an update on the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border Prime Minister Salih Hudayar talks about China’s oppression of the Uyghurs in East Turkistan

With Kevin Freeman, Allen West, Sam Faddis, Dr. David Clements and Alexander Marlow

Kevin Freeman talks about Biden’s response to Chinese involvement in our capital markets Secure Freedom Radio Exclusive with Hon. Allen West Sam Faddis talks about Antifa and Black Power violence in the U.S. Dr. David Clements gives an update on recount efforts underway in Arizona Alexander Marlow talks about his new book, “Break the News”

Heal Our Nation, Don’t Legitimate Its Dividers

Over 160 former military leaders have recently lent their names to a powerful warning about the Marxist revolution now underway in this country. Incredibly, on orders from the Biden-Harris administration, the flag of an organization whose leaders have explicitly declared they are “trained Marxists” will be flying today over U.S. embassies around the world. The…

With E.W. Jackson, Dr. David Clements, Gordon Chang, Sam Faddis and Sen. Amanda Chase

Bishop E.W. Jackson, President, S.T.A.N.D America, talks about Critical Race Theory Dr. David Clements talks about the election recount efforts currently underway in Arizona Gordon Chang talks about Chinese military presence massing around Taiwan Sam Faddis discusses CIA Director Bill Burn’s potentially compromsing ties to the CCP State Sen. Amanda Chase’s run for Virginia governor

With Nina Shea, Dr. David Clements, Sam Faddis, Stephen Young and Todd Bensman

Nina Shea talks about the Biden Administration’s disregard for religious liberties abroad Dr. David Clements talks about the recounting efforts in Arizona Sam Faddis discusses the similarities between Antifa and BLM organizations Stephen Young makes the case for applying a Vietnam War era CORDS strategy to Afghanistan Todd Bensman reports live from the US-Mexico border