Secure Freedom Radio: With David Wurmser, John Ellis, Con Coughlin and James Fanell


DAVID WURMSER, Director, Center for Security Policy’s Program on Global Anti-Semitism, former Middle East Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, retired, US Navy Reserves Lieutenant Commander

Anatomy of an intentional escalation: Israel’s approaching hot summer

David Wurmser: The Palestinian Authority planned much of the violence taking place in Israel today

JOHN ELLIS, Professor Emeritus of German Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz, Author, “Literature Lost” and “The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done,” Founder, the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics

Sorry, Professor, We’re Cutting You Off

John Ellis: Marxism cannot stand up to criticism, it always folds under pressure

CON COUGHLIN, Executive Foreign Editor, The Daily Telegraph, Author, “Saddam: His Rise & Fall

Con Coughlin: Countries that were once “rude” to the United States’ adversaries are now warming up to them

China is Trying to Break up the Five Eyes Intelligence Network – Is New Zealand a weak link in the fight against Communist China?

JAMES FANELL, retired Intelligence Officer for the Indo-Pacific, US Navy, former National Security Affairs Fellow, Hoover Institute

Chinese navy launches three warships in one day in muscular propaganda display

Capt. James Fanell: For the past 4-5 years, the Chinese Navy has commissioned around 4 times more ships than the U.S. Navy

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