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ETHAN GUTMANN, award-winning China analyst and human-rights investigator, China Studies Research Fellow, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Author, “Losing the New China” and “The Slaughter,” former Policy Analyst, Brookings Institution, Nobel Peace Prize nominee (2017), Co-Founder, End Transplant Abuse in China, Twitter: @Eastofethan

Part I: 

  • China conducts around 60,000 organ transplants each year, a vast majority are forced
  • The People’s Republic of China’s official numbers for “voluntary donations” per year cannot help to explain the exponential increase in organ transplants
  • Each year, about 25,000-50,000 captive Uyghurs go missing

Part II:

  • Ethan Gutmann: what is happening in Xinjiang is like a “three legged stool”: forced organ transplants, forced labor and mass sterilization, and state-sponsored rape
  • Upon being forced to work for 25 plus years, one Uyghur muslim is worth around $750,000 USD to the Chinese government 
  • Organ tourism is on the rise: China-Japan Friendship Hospital, certain facilities within China built to cater to a Saudi clientele, etc  
  • According to Gutmann, forced organ harvesting in China is a $3-$4 billion yearly industry
  • What is happening in Xinjiang is characteristic of a “genocide:” the Chinese Communists recently built 9 crematoriums in the autonomous region.

Part III:

  • Gutmann: The individual who built China’s racial recognition algorithm says the program can also detect stress levels, making it easier for Chinese authorities to detain Uyghur muslims 
  • The corruption of the western medical community is a symbol of just how successful China has been in controlling the coronavirus narrative
  • Traditionally, China used their resources to prop up their fellow Communist allies, like Cuba. However, the advent of the One Belt, One Road initiative further expanded the Communist regime’s hegemonic ambitions

Part IV:

  • Water diversion issues in Tibet: Re-directing the water to Xinjiang 
  • What threat does the Chinese Communist Party pose to the US homeland?
  • What needs to be done in the coming years: US and EU companies need to be remove from the Chinese cotton industry, Apple, as well as other large technology companies, must move their manufacturing hubs out of the country and the US medical community should cease all contact with the Chinese organ transplant industry

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