Secure Freedom Radio: With Gordon Chang, Reggie Littlejohn and Bill Walton


GORDON CHANG, Contributor, Gatestone Institute, Newsweek, Author, “The Coming Collapse of China,” “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes the World, “Losing South Korea,” and “The Great US-China Tech War,” @Gordongchang

The increased presence of the Chinese Navy

China’s pursuit of biological weapons

What is gain of function research?


Assessing China’s biological weapons program

Europe’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party

The recent change to China’s two-child policy

REGGIE LITTLEJOHN, Founder and President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, @reggielittlejhn

The impact of China’s new three-child policy

Forced abortions in China

What are the Chinese “womb police”?

BILL WALTON, Managing Partner, Rappahannock Ventures, Chairman, Rush River Entertainment, former Leader, Donald Trump Transition Team, Host, The Bill Walton Show, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality, @billwaltonshow

Drug manufacturing taking place in China

The fragility of the United States medical supply chain

Joe Biden’s recent phone call with Xi Jinping

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