Secure Freedom Radio: With Michael Cutler, Christine Dolan, Grant Newsham and Gordon Chang

Secure Freedom Radio

MICHAEL CUTLER, Retired Senior Special Agent of the former Immigration and Naturalization Services, Host of the “The Michael Cutler Hour” radio show on Friday evenings on BlogTalk Radio: 

  • Michael Cutler questions Biden’s “science” appointees
  • Shortfalls of Biden’s “Build, Back, Better” campaign promise
  • Biden’s immigration policy would “capsize” America

CHRISTINE DOLAN, Senior Correspondent, Just the News, former Political Director of CNN: 

  • Christine Dolan brings to light the Obama-Biden Admin’s scandals
  • The mainstream media’s election night misstep

GRANT NEWSHAM, Research Fellow, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies:

  • Lessons about fraudulent elections from South Korea
  • Why loosing Taiwan would halt American ambitions in Asia 
  • Biden’s China team’s track record

GORDON CHANG, Contributor, The Daily Beast, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World” and “Losing South Korea”: 

  • A recent interview by Henry Kissinger on the China
  • The Chinese idea of an international QR code for travel
  • Dangers of this type of world-wide QR system

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