Secure Freedom Radio: With Peter Huessy, Zach Vorhies and Cleo


PETER HUESSY, Former Director of Strategic Deterrence Studies, Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Senior Fellow, Hudson Instititute

Peter Huessy talks about a recent webinar he participated in with the Committee on the Present Danger: China: “…the issue is it used to be thought that if there was a conventional conflict with Russia, it might escalate to the nuclear level, but that both sides would have been interested not going there because then you would go to what we considered Armageddon…And Putin has in 1990 took it one step further. He said I’ll threaten nuclear weapons right up front before conventional conflict to tell you, the United States, and your allies [to] back down. Don’t come to the defense of your friends.”

ZACH VORHIES, Founder,, Former Senior Software Engineer, YouTube and Google, Author, “Google Leaks,” @Perpetualmaniac and

Zach Vorhies talks about the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop: “…it was in October of 2020 and Hunter Biden, his laptop was turned in to authorities because it had highly compromised material on it, compromising him, compromising the integrity of the presidency. It had it revealed that there was collusion between him and Ukraine with Zelensky and Burisma and that this was the president’s son.”

CLEO PASKAL, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Cleo Paskal talks about the Chinese Communist Party’s core goals: “…[the Chinese Communists] actually have a very specific meaning for what it wants to be number one in terms of what they call in their think tanks, Comprehensive National Power. And that comprehensive component of it is very comprehensive. So that means being number one in terms of military strength and economic strength, IP…”


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