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John Gouveia from Saratoga Springs wrote on July 3, 2021
Hello Frank!
I am watching your program on Real America News this afternoon.
I am a veteran of the USAF, I really admire what you are doing, God bless you!
Dana Mack from Palm Coast wrote on June 12, 2021
I found your show thru America’s frontline Doctors, and am thoroughly enjoying your discussions.
Daniel Rhodes from Crestview wrote on May 22, 2021
Excellent show today 5/22
Denise Speer from Whiteland wrote on May 16, 2021
I am grateful for your show and information.
Joseph Raymond Rende from Dallas wrote on May 12, 2021
Mr. Gaffney,
Thank you for your courage, intelligence, determination and patriotism. In this age of fake news and fail journalism, you are a rare and brilliant light of truth.
JAMES E GREGORY from Keno wrote on April 26, 2021
Mr. Frank thank you for your service to America...
Bonnie Crow from MONTICELLO wrote on April 11, 2021
Frank...I like your Securing America show very much. I watch all the podcasts. You have outstanding guests with so much knowledge.
Deanna Burlingame from Eatonville wrote on March 8, 2021
Mr. Gaffney, I have added your program/podcast to my daily list of must-hear broadcasts. Thank you.
Rebecca Baldwin from Louisville Ky 40217 wrote on February 13, 2021
Thank you 🙏 for continuing to work on our behalf to show who the enemies of our country really are.
Carlos Perez III from Hackensack NJ wrote on February 13, 2021
Mr. Gaffney thank you for keep fighting for America...We need to continue our steadfast efforts to stop the spread of Communism and Make America Great Again.
Margaret Mayer from Earlysville, VA wrote on February 8, 2021
I agree with you 100%. President Trump must use the opportunity to vindicate himself of the charges and to save the Republic from destruction via false elections. I know it's a lot to ask after all he's been through, but GO FOR IT. Thank you so much, Mr. President!
Kathy Jacobsen from Punta Gorda wrote on January 29, 2021
I heard your newscast. Very well said. I am with you- the Democrats are out of control.
Jim from Laughlin wrote on January 19, 2021
Thank you so much for your courage and your patriotic voice.
Irl Gilliland from Nebraska wrote on January 17, 2021
Securing America is my first priority Saturday mornings. Having just found your other resources, I will be visiting every day! Thanks for all you're doing for America!
Craig Hodges from Sheffield, England wrote on December 15, 2020
Mr Gaffney
I look forward to your podcast everyday. Thank you for the wisdom and understanding you provide us so willingly daily and weekly. You bring peace and insight to chaos and evil. Thank you for educating me on such a wide range of topics. Thank you for introducing me to other precious and like minded people of great character just like you only different. Sincerely, Craig Hodges
Daniel LaChance from Sierra Vista wrote on October 30, 2020
Where has this show been? Your show is providing critical information, intelligence and potential outcomes which every law abiding citizen of America needs to know about and prepare to respond to. It needs to be televised during the day, not just at 5 a.m. when few are listening.
John Chabot from Colorado wrote on October 25, 2020
Thank you for all the years of service. Long time follower. Your sites, productions and now this new show are all indespensible!
Faith McDonnell from Annandale wrote on October 24, 2020
Thanks so much, Frank., for a great and so informative show. I would expect nothing less from you. May it open more peoples eyes to the truth about the danger we face from China, and other important issues. God bless you!
Jason from Felix wrote on October 23, 2020
Frank Gaffney is brilliant patriot who actually gets what's really going on. Great show.
Jessica Turner from Miami wrote on October 19, 2020
These episodes need to go viral. People need to be educated about national security issues today more than ever.