With Amb. Yoram Ettinger, Peter Huessy and Faith McDonnell


YORAM ETTINGER, Former Minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel’s Embassy in DC, Consultant to Israeli and US legislators

A recent meeting convened by Iran to try and expand their “sphere” all the way to the Mediterranean
Analyzing the “vision” of the Ayatollahs of Iran
What lead to a resumption of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

PETER HUESSY, Senior fellow at Hudson Institute

Assessing the nuclear capability of the Iranian regime
Do Russia and China care if Iran has nuclear weapons?
What does Vladimir Putin want the U.S. to do with respect to its nuclear weapons in Europe?

FAITH MCDONNELL, Director of Religious Liberty Programs at the Institute on Religion and Democracy:

A fight for control of the government taking place in Sudan
A history of Sudan’s government supporting terrorism
Is there any hope for the citizens of Sudan?
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