With Dr. Alex Newman, Tom Del Beccaro & Dr. Bradley Thayer


Dr. Alex Newman, President, Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc., award-winning international journalist
Alex Newman and I discussed the nature of globalism, 

We also discussed the W.H.O. and why it’s trying to perpetrate global governance on all of us at the expense of not just our national sovereignty, but our personal freedoms.

Tom Del Beccaro, Author of “The Divided Era”

I spoke with Tom Del Beccaro about the likelihood that the Democratic Party will remove Joe Biden as its standard bearer in the 2024 election. 

We also discussed whether Gavin Newsom or Kamala Harris or somebody else altogether may be tapped next to stand for the presidency of the United States in this critical election year.

We also talked more generally about the divisiveness that is afflicting America and whether that is evidence of a fatal nosedive for American civilization.

Dr. Bradley Thayer, Professor of International Security Studies at Tallinn University

Dr. Bradley Thayer and I discussed what China has put in motion in terms of strategic arson around the world that now seems to be reaching perhaps a, well, flashpoint, if I can use that term, in the Western Pacific, both North and South.

We also discussed North Korea quite possibly beginning to move against the South again and the Chinese themselves moving against the Philippines.

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