With George Rasely, Kyle Schideler & Peter Mcilvenna


George Rasely, Editor of Conservative HQ 

George Rasely and I discussed the presidential political contest, looking at Joe Biden’s churning as the Democratic presidential nominee, the Democratic nominee, the use that his team will doubtless make of his participation in the NATO summit this week, and yet the likelihood that he will be displaced when all is said and done in favor of someone more appealing to the democratic base than he has proven to be.
We also talked about Donald Trump, his own challenges, the new Republican platform, and the last thing that we’d get the Contre-Ton over Project 2025.

Kyle Schideler, Dir. and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at CSP

I discussed with Kyle Schideler the virulent red-green axis and its assault on not just Jewish houses of worship and communities but also the underpinnings of Western civilization as part of the shared agenda of destroying Western civilization from within the stated purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also of their communist partners and enablers.

Peter Mcilvenna, Hearts of Oak

I visited with Peter Mcilvenna about the elections that have taken place in Britain and France in recent days, the implications for the people of both countries and the prospects for much worse to come in terms of leftist sabotaging of key countries in NATO and the of generally like-minded Western nations.
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