An Experienced Spy’s Assessment: Joe Biden is a “Controlled Asset” of the CCP

By securingamerica

On the eve of the 2020 presidential election, 51 individuals formerly associated with the U.S. intelligence community falsely claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation operation. We now know that America’s frontline counterintelligence agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, not only knew the truth, but conspired to conceal it.

And the truth is that the “hard drive from Hell” was actually proof that Joe Biden – who was, at the time, the Democratic nominee for President – and his family had knowingly taken money from former leaders of the intelligence services of our mortal enemy: the Chinese Communist Party.

In the wake of recent revelations by Elon Musk that Twitter colluded with Biden’s 2020 campaign, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and the FBI to deny American voters information that surely would have resulted in Donald Trump’s reelection, an experienced career undercover operative, Charles “Sam” Faddis has just provided a chilling assessment of the damage done by this collective betrayal of the public trust. In an exclusive interview with “Securing America with Frank Gaffney,” which ran over the past twenty-four hours on the Real America’s Voice and the American Family Radio networks, Mr. Faddis declared that, in his professional judgement, Joe Biden is a “controlled asset” of Chinese intelligence.

As the U.S. House of Representatives prepares to establish a Select Committee on China and engage in investigations by the Oversight and Judiciary Committees, assessing the dire national security implications associated with such a Chinese penetration – and taking corrective action – must be the first order of business.


Highlights of Securing America Interview with Charles “Sam” Faddis

Frank Gaffney: [00:00:12] [Sam] You’ve been reflecting on what we’ve been learning from Twitter. Now, under new management, under Elon Musk, he is disclosing through some Twitter accounts information about what he found in the files of the operation [00:00:30] that bespeaks a degree of collusion between Twitter and not just other mainstream and other social media platforms, but also with the FBI, the Democratic Party, the Biden campaign in 2020. Give us your thoughts on what we’ve learned to date and what it tells us about, well, not just Twitter, but the state of our polity.

Sam Faddis: [00:00:58] Well, what we’ve learned to date is that it is at least as bad as we all suspected, maybe even much worse, right? Using the Hunter Biden laptop story, which is sort of the cutting edge of what’s broken so far, as an example. No question that the FBI was colluding with big tech to suppress the story and prevent the [00:01:30] American people from gaining access to critical information, clearly to protect the Bidens and obviously to influence a presidential election. So, I mean, it’s hard to know where to begin with all the problems with that. And first of all, it’s very clear law that the government can’t censor things outside of very narrow windows and also very clear law that they can’t [00:02:00] make an end run around that by just working through private actors. So the illegality…

Frank Gaffney: [00:02:07] Fundamentally a First Amendment constitutional right we have that they’re not allowed to infringe, right?

Sam Faddis: [00:02:13] They are not and they’re not allowed to play a game where they just get somebody else to censor you, which is exactly what this is. This is illegal. Clearly illegal, has been established as illegal for a long time. So, [00:02:30] right there we have a massive issue. We have the fact that they are doing this, the FBI, on behalf of a political party. So they are violating constitutional rights and engaging in illegal activity and in the process interfering in a presidential election. Once again, we’re up to our necks in illegality and immorality and everything else….

We haven’t gotten to what, to me is the most [00:03:00] critical element, which is the FBI’s interfering, and they’re suppressing information. What was the actual, the heart of the information they were suppressing. And it wasn’t really coke use or hookers. It was corruption. And beyond that, you know, the center of gravity for me is massive amounts of contact and money connected [00:03:30] to Chinese intelligence and the top levels of the Chinese Communist Party, all going straight to Joe Biden.

So, here’s a guy who’s maybe about to sit down in the Oval Office, ultimately was, [and] everything says this guy may very well be owned by our number one enemy on the planet. And our top counterintelligence agency steps [00:04:00] in – I’m trying to resist the urge to laugh, not because it’s funny, but because it’s just so mind boggling. The guys who are the number one domestic counterintelligence agency for the US government don’t jump all over that and say, “Good Lord, this could be the biggest CI scandal in American history.” They say, “Oh, we can’t let anybody know about this.” Nobody, nobody should have any inkling that Joe may be a Chinese spy.

Frank Gaffney: [00:04:30] Before the election, that is. Joe Biden has been, I think it’s fair to say, the target of influence operations. The Biden family, crime family, as it’s been called, as documented by Hunter’s laptop, makes it clear that lots of people were trying to take advantage of the door being opened for such influence [00:05:00] peddling by Hunter, including senior echelons of the Chinese Communist Party and its intelligence services. Are you persuaded, on the basis not least of your own background in clandestine intelligence operations – where you did this sort of thing for a living – that Joe Biden not only was the object of this influence, this elite- [00:05:30] capture operation, but was actually successfully targeted by our enemy?

Sam Faddis: [00:05:38] Yes, without question. And I really think that the evidence is overwhelming to be quite honest with you. If I was still serving and we were sitting in a room with some senior-level [people] having a discussion of a case like this, and somebody started trying to construct [00:06:00] some fantasy series of explanations for how this is not what it obviously is, I think the room would dissolve into laughter. I think all the senior intelligence personnel in the room who were actually involved in the business of counterintelligence and espionage would be like, “Oh, for the love of God, can we” – I mean, if you took this case, change the name Biden to some West African name [00:06:30] and the location to a random West African country or really any other country on earth. I select Africa because Chinese are particularly active there. And there’s just presented these facts to the intelligence community and said, “What’s your evaluation of what’s going on here?” In about 5 seconds, they would say, “Well, the Chinese have bought themselves a president.” That’s what’s going on here.

We’ve seen this happen over and over and over, all around [00:07:00] the planet. It’s a very straightforward playbook, is very clear. There’s no ambiguity. For some, we know – I was going to say for some mysterious reason, it’s not mysterious – for political reasons, we are all supposed to just pretend like we can’t see the obvious.

Hunter is a man without skills. Hunter is a guy who got thrown out of the Navy because he was a coke-head. Nobody hands Hunter any [00:07:30] money for his charming personality, right? He only has one attribute, which is access to Dad.

Now, the Chinese Communists are a lot of things. They are not fools, and they are not easily parted from their money. Maybe they might hand Hunter a few million one time speculatively to find out “Can you deliver on what you’re promising us, buddy?” But if Hunter didn’t pony up, which means Joe didn’t deliver, [00:08:00] there would not be money coming after that.

[Yet,] money came again and again. And, last point I want to make right here. We know conclusively that Xi Jinping himself was aware of these contacts and sanctioned these contacts. These were not rogue actors. This is the top level of the Chinese Communist Party.

Frank Gaffney: [00:08:25] The point that you’ve made, Sam, as an intelligence professional, is there a distinction between having approached, or even recruited a targeted individual, as part of an influence operation or, well, outright espionage, and controlling them. Using that distinction, would you conclude – based on what we know – that [00:09:00] Joe Biden was not only targeted, was not only approached, was not only presumably the beneficiary of at least some of this largesse from the Chinese Communist Party, laundered through his son, laundered perhaps through his brother or others, but that he is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, as well?

Sam Faddis: [00:09:22] Yes, that is my professional opinion. He was targeted and he is controlled. Now, two points. One is, I mean, the average lay person doesn’t think in these terms, and there’s no reason they should. But this is the objective of all human intelligence operations. It’s not about, maybe I’ll blackmail this dude later, which quite frankly, is rarely done, not a particularly effective method and so forth. It’s not about, maybe he’ll do me a favor later. That’s not an intel operation. That’s what State Department does, give somebody a grant and hope [00:10:00] that they steer in our direction.

Now, this is about, a guy gets money and whatever else he gets. And he dances to the tune that is played….How that actually works face-to-face, that depends on the personalities involved. But, it doesn’t change the fact that the asset, who in this case would be Joe Biden, ultimately does what he is told to do on behalf of the people who [00:10:30] have purchased him.

Now, that is how espionage works. Maybe that is not the way it’s portrayed in the movies, but that is what espionage is all about. At CIA, if your asset doesn’t satisfy the criteria for being controlled, he is not an asset. He is not recognized as an asset. So…

Frank Gaffney: [00:10:52] And in fact could prove to be a liability to you in the end. No?

Sam Faddis: [00:10:57] No professional, serious intelligence organization wants to maintain contact with an asset who will not accept being controlled because he may be a liability because you don’t know which direction he’s going. You don’t really know what side he’s playing for….

Access to all the information we’re talking about in terms of Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for three years now, long before the election. [00:11:30] The only thing that we know that they have attempted to do for sure is stop the American people from knowing anything about it…

Frank Gaffney: [00:11:40] And prosecuting people who had brought it to the public attention.

Sam Faddis: [00:11:44] Yes, exactly. So, they’ve done their best to crush anybody who wants to pursue this. Now, even if you want to say, okay, Sam, look, I get your assessment, I respect your assessment, whatever, but I disagree. [00:12:00] How could any reasonable intelligence or counterintelligence professional look at this information and not recognize immediately the screaming threat and possibility that the Chinese communists are about to install a guy in the highest office of the land? And we got to know one way or the other for sure, folks: Which side is he playing for?

So, the one thing you could not possibly justify [00:12:30] would be throwing this in a drawer and forgetting about it. You got to run this to ground. You have to know what the answer is.

Frank Gaffney: [00:12:39] And Sam, again, I just want to emphasize something that you said earlier, that is implicit in what you’ve just said: The people who threw it in the drawer are those charged with counterintelligence on behalf of our country. This is this is not just…Joe Biden’s, you [00:13:00] know, functionaries on the campaign trail or in the White House, for that matter.

These are the people who are the front line of defense against penetration and suborning and elite capture and everything else, including of the most sensitive kind, which this clearly is – the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, for heaven’s sake.

So, Sam, I got to just tell you, this is not news exactly, but between the Twitter [00:13:30] story that contributed to the suppression of the kind of information, you’re absolutely right, we had a right to know.

And we have heard through polling that, had we known, I think it’s something like 16% of the Democrats who said they voted for Joe Biden said they would not have voted for him had they known he was compromised, and certainly [had they] known that he was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. This [00:14:00] is a travesty of the highest order as well as a bona fide national security threat. And we so appreciate your clarity on that point._______
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