Censorship and the Coming “Color Revolution”

By securingamerica

For years, the traditional news media have repeatedly exhibited a bias against Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who defies their left-of-center narrative. In recent months, the social media giants have been increasingly brazenly doing the same. Today, in the endgame of this election year, virtually all these outlets are routinely misinforming, misleading or simply lying to the American people about those they consider political adversaries.

The exception to that general rule has been when they have simply refused to report on news that reflects badly on the media’s Democrat allies and/or any aspect of the Left’s agenda. The most dramatic example of this sort of media bias became indisputably evident with the cascading, shocking revelations by the New York Post of emails, photographs and videos discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The so-called mainstream and big tech media actively suppressed evidence that the Democratic presidential nominee’s family members – and possibly the candidate, himself – are implicated in extensive corruption, much of it with hostile powers.

Notably, Twitter systematically blocked posting of the original article. And Facebook “reduc[ed] its distribution” of the Post article until the story could be “fact-checked.”

There have appeared to be no similar efforts to block anything posted on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media by the Biden campaign or any of its partisans.

In short, these platforms are engaged, as Andrew McCarthy argued this week in National Review, in shaping “the information [they] disseminate, such as by choosing to disseminate or suppress information by dint of the political message it conveys.” That would make them “content providers.”

If that’s the case, these social media are no longer entitled to the protections afforded them as mere “platforms” under Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, can and should lift the exemptions these social media currently enjoy via an expedited process – ideally, immediately so as to discourage the tech giants from continuing to interfere with, distort and otherwise influence this election.

The need for such a vital course-correction is becoming all the more acute as evidence accumulates that we are on the cusp of a dramatic effort to disrupt and delegitimize the November 3 elections. The violent – and, in some cases, murderous – riots that have afflicted over 100 cities across America in recent months evidently have been but a dress-rehearsal for what is now in the works.

The term for the radical Left’s agenda this fall and that of their Islamist allies is a “color revolution,” a reference to the insurrections that helped remove from power U.S.-friendly regimes in a succession of countries in the Middle East as part of the so-called “Arab Spring.” Here’s how one of the Antifa, Black Lives Matter and teachers’ union organizers, Lisa Fithian, described the plan in a powerful video posted at ChooseFreedom.io.

It appears that the Marxists of Antifa and BLM and the Sharia-supremacists of the Muslim Brotherhood with whom they are collaborating intend to use the same playbook that actually succeeded, for example, in precipitating the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s government in Egypt and its, fortunately short-lived, replacement with that of the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy.

The strategy involves, first, precipitating a crisis. The occupation of Cairo’s Tahrir Square was the launching pad for the insurrection dominated by the highly organized and disciplined Muslim Brotherhood. As it persisted and spread elsewhere, the Mubarak regime became isolated and inexorably destabilized.

In this country, the revolutionaries appear determined to use similar tactics to prevent a decisive victory for President Trump on November 3rd and then use a succession of gambits to prevent critical swing states like Pennsylvania from declaring a winner.

That will not simply result in a delay in finalizing the outcome. It could well paralyze the federal government – an especially ominous prospect if the insurrectionists take advantage of the opportunity to incite vastly greater chaos and bloodshed in American cities and suburbs, with a view to eroding public confidence in the election and support for its winner.

It is crucial to understand that, at their core, color revolutions rely upon aggressive information operations. These are aimed at psychologically manipulating and dominating the masses and keeping the government in question in turmoil and on defense.

Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that the public be made aware beforehand of what is hurtling towards us. The more we are aware of the tactics and plans of the Fifth Columnists in our midst, the less likely they are to succeed in dividing our nation further and accomplishing their goal of replacing our constitutional Republic with an oppressive, totalitarian state.

Hence the absolute necessity of having freedom-loving Americans maintain unrestricted access to the means of communication so as to exchange information about, and enable effective action to counter and decisively defeat, the coming color revolution.

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours – and learn how you can help at our new website, SecuringAmerica.TV. While you are there, please be sure to sign up for your free copy of a new citizen’s guide to the coming color revolution entitled “Are You Safe?” It’s an invaluable handbook, offering practical information about how you can protect your family and community from the insurrection headed our way.