Monologue: The Ultimate Coup

By securingamerica

For over four years now, an array of official and non-governmental entities have worked, first to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President and then – having failed in that effort – to do seemingly everything possible to remove him from the presidency. They have serially defamed him, accused him of all manner of crimes, prosecuted his subordinates and impeached him.

To his enemies’ intense frustration and escalating fury, however, Mr. Trump remains standing and the President. He’s been terribly bloodied, but indominitably unbowed. Until now.

Since November 3, as evidence of widespread fraud, malfeasance and other wrongdoing in the 2020 presidential race has accumulated, the President’s political opponents in government, Congress, state governments and legislatures, the courts and, most especially, the media have tirelessly sought to suppress that evidence. They often insist it doesn’t exist at all. Sometimes, they take a less untenable stance and acknowledge that voting “irregularities” have occurred – but they assert that there are always some in every election and those that occurred in this year’s were not sufficiently material to have changed the outcome.

If these partisans – some of whom are Republicans, by the way – were so confident of these assurances, they would presumably not have gone to such lengths to prevent the American people from seeing the results of forensic examination of the ballots, the mail-in ones’ signature envelopes, the voting machines, their software and servers, etc. In many cases, they have actually blocked such examinations, just as they did the monitoring of tabulations in contested states on the night of the election.

Is it any wonder then that tens of millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump and even some who voted for Joe Biden tell pollsters they believe the election was stolen? Neither should it surprise us that those voters and many millions more are left feeling disenfranchised by the growing certitude that their legal votes were cancelled out – indeed, more than cancelled out – by ones that were illegally cast.

It is particularly understandable that President Trump, as well as his supporters, would find unacceptable the insult added to injury by those who insist the evidence has been examined and dismissed by jurists, legislators and other government officials at the local, state and federal levels.

In fact, there has been no court hearing that actually evaluated the affidavits, expert witness testimony, statistical analyses, forensic documentation and other data supporting the President’s allegations of electoral grand larceny. With very few exceptions, state legislators have not been exposed to this information, either.

So, those of us convinced by the cumulative weight of such data welcomed the prospect that, on January 6th, the U.S. Congress would finally receive, debate and vote on the outcome of the presidential election informed by that evidence. Indeed, members of the federal legislature were among those who received over 70 million emails from constituents who had reviewed a video by Kevin Freeman distilling that evidence at – and urged them to both watch it and act to ensure that only legal votes counted.

Imagine, therefore, the crushing disappointment felt by the President and his supporters – both those who responded to his call to demonstrate their commitment to free and fair elections by coming to Washington, D.C. on January 6th, and those who watched the rally and congressional proceedings that day from afar – when as-yet-unidentified individuals unlawfully entered the U.S. Capitol. The practical effect of this reprehensible incursion and what ensued from it, including the violent death of one of the trespassers, was to disrupt and truncate the opportunity for a formal review of the evidence.

Far worse, the President’s critics on both sides of the aisle, in and out of government, are characterizing this event as a “mob’s insurrection” aimed at imperiling our democracy. They are blaming Mr. Trump for inciting his supporters who are now being smeared as “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists.” Some are even seizing upon this as a pretext to realize their long-standing goal of removing President Trump before January 20th.

The immediate impact was effectively to terminate any further opportunity for the Congress to conduct a formal review of the facts with respect to the 2020 election. Ditto, it appears with respect to the Senate run-off races that seem to have been similarly hijacked in Georgia on January 5th.

Clearing the Capitol of unauthorized persons was relatively easy. It would be a serious mistake, however, to expect that the far more important task of healing the Nation can occur simply by silencing millions who feel disenfranchised – let alone by prematurely removing Donald Trump from office.

Healing requires a hearing – an actual, authoritative presentation of evidence of electoral grand larceny. President Trump must ensure that happens now, as an essential part of his promised “orderly transition.”

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours at our website, SecuringAmerica.TV. While you’re there, please be sure to sign up for your free copy of a new citizen’s guide to the color revolution that those who are poised to exercise unprecedented power starting later this month appear to have in mind. It’s entitled “Are You Safe?” and an invaluable handbook, offering practical information about how you can protect your family and community from the insurrection headed our way.

Next up, we’ll hear from a novelist who predicted with eerie precision the electoral larceny of recent months: the author of The Election Heist, Kenneth Timmerman.