Nigerian Military Forced Over 10,000 Women & Girls to Have Abortions | EWTN News Nightly


EWTN News Nightly | Dec 12, 2022

New details are emerging about the Nigerian military and a secret mass abortion program. A report from Reuters claims that members of the Nigerian military forced at least 10,000 women and girls to end their pregnancies in the past decade. Many of them were kidnapped and raped by Islamic militants. The report comes as Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari attends the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC this week. Dede Laugesen from Save the Persecuted Christians, joins to discuss why the Nigerian military is forcing women to have abortions. On a similar note, 4,000 Nigerian Christians have died at the hands of Islamic Jihadists in the past year alone. Laugesen shares what about Nigeria makes it such a dangerous place for Christians. The agenda for Nigerian President Buhari in Washington this week, lists topics like conversation and climate issues. Laugesen tells us what the likelihood is that any of these atrocities will come up at the US-Africa Leaders Summit. She fills us in on what else she is following.

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