Peter Mcllvenna & Dr. David Wurmser


Peter Mcllvenna, Hearts of Oak

Peter Mcllvenna and I took stock of very momentous developments in Europe in recent days in the European Parliament.
We also discussed an outcome in which pro-national sovereignty candidates succeeded with particularly great effect in France, but elsewhere across the continent as well. 
We also explored what the prospects are for a similarly minded candidate by the name of Nigel Farage in the upcoming British elections and what it means for the future of freedom in that country as well.

Dr. David Wurmser, Senior Analyst for Middle East Affairs, Center for Security Policy, former Middle East Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, retired, US Navy Reserves Lieutenant Commander

David Wurmser and I reviewed what’s been developing in Israel and the Middle East more generally in the past few days. 
We also explored The so-called phased plan that Joe Biden fraudulently ascribed to the government of Israel Whether Hamas has now rejected that plan and where does this all leave our friends in the Jewish state?
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