Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, Chris Holton & Bill Walton, Host of The Bill Walton Show


Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, Host Of Eyes on Israel

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki and I visited about changes in the Israeli government, the policies that the government has been pursuing towards the destruction of Hamas, and the conduct of the war effort itself as a result of efforts by the Biden administration to sabotage all three.

Chris Holton, Senior Analyst and Director of State Outreach

Chris Holton and I explored what is being done concerning food insecurity in our own country.
We discussed the results of selling off farmland to the Chinese communists and other adversarial nations and legislative efforts at the state level to prevent especially such purchases in proximity to US military installations.
We also explored racketeering as a legal instrument to be used to defend against those who have been ransacking universities, and cities, in support of Hamas.

Bill Walton, Host of The Bill Walton Show

I explored with Bill Walton the European parliamentary elections that favored conservatives in many nations and the influence on that outcome caused by the conservative political action coalition’s various meetings in the region.
We also discussed one of the factors contributing to that outcome, which is the deliberate and growing food insecurity in Europe, driven by so-called climate change concerns and policies.
We also discussed the intention that Russ Vogt and others aligned with President Trump are, “post -constitutionalists” and why nothing could be further from the truth.
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