Secure Freedom Minute: A Living Legacy for Peter Pry – Secure the Grid


On Friday, America lost one of its most brilliant, impactful and indefatigable patriots, Peter Vincent Pry. Over forty years of service, both in government and out, he provided national leadership on the need to correct the vulnerabilities of our most critical of critical infrastructures, the electric grid – and how to do so.

Dr. Pry was driven by the possibility that hostile powers, or even Mother Nature, could devastate our country and its people by taking down the grid. He helped create and staff a congressional commission that assesses how to mitigate the grid’s susceptibility to electromagnetic pulse (or EMP), as well as sabotage, cyberattacks and space weather.

Fortunately, Peter will have a living legacy. He features prominently in a new documentary film entitled “Grid Down, Power Up” designed to catalyze a movie-to-movement to “harden” the grid.

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