Secure Freedom Minute: Are Democrats Signaling No Confidence in Biden?

Secure Freedom Minute

Some House Democrats are expressing concerns about President Biden’s authority to launch a nuclear attack. They think he should have to consult with the Vice President and the Speaker of the House before taking such a step.

This initiative is a two-fer for America’s hard leftists. First, unilaterally dismantling U.S. nuclear capabilities has long been a top priority, both for them and for our enemies in Russia and China. If a requirement is instituted for time-consuming consultations in a scenario in which delay could assure an attacker’s success, the credibility of our deterrent can be negated.

Second, these Democrats are, at least implicitly, signaling a lack of confidence in Joe Biden’s mental capacity. They may thus be soft-launching a campaign for his replacement by a fellow radical leftist, Kamala Harris, pursuant to the 25th Amendment’s mechanism for removing an unfit President.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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