Secure Freedom Minute: Biden Lied, People Died


Biden lied and people died. And more are dying by the day in Afghanistan as a result of the President ignoring the recommendations of his senior military leaders to leave a small American force in that country and then telling the American people he had not done so. And many more will likely die – there and elsewhere – as a result of the humiliating strategic defeat that predictably flowed from his decision.

Unfortunately, those officers’ failure to resign, rather than execute orders they knew would lead to disaster, assured that outcome. It has had other, probably enduring, costs, as well.

These include the alienation and demoralization of today’s servicemen and women, a diminished appeal to new recruits, a degraded appreciation for our military on the part of the public, emboldened adversaries and allies lacking confidence in our strength, judgment and reliability.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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