Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s “Not Trump” Foreign Policy Puts America Last

Secure Freedom Minute

President Joe Biden lays out today his foreign policy priorities. At the moment, they seem to be characterized by one principle: Not Trump.

Donald Trump opposed the Chinese Communist Party’s “people’s war” against this country and its “genocide” against Uyghur Muslims. Will a President Biden, deeply compromised by the CCP, return to the Obama practice of engaging, and appeasing, Beijing?

Mr. Trump brought “maximum pressure” to bear against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Team Biden seems determined to return to the Obama policy of engaging, and appeasing, the mullahs in Tehran.

President Trump persuaded Latin American nations to prevent hordes of illegal immigrants from coming here. President Biden appears intent on jettisoning such cooperation and welcoming the coming caravans.

The Biden approach certainly can’t be characterized as “America First.” If this President puts America last, our national decline will be his lasting legacy.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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