Secure Freedom Minute: Do America’s Athletes ”Care” About Genocide


America’s top athletes are, for better or worse, celebrities. That’s because they not only excel in their sports. Vast followings also can translate press coverage of their musings into ratings.   

Thus, when prominent NBA players and owners curry favor with the Chinese Communist Party, their submission of human rights and U.S. interests to profit considerations gets attention. The most recent example is the statement by an owner of the Golden State Warriors that “I don’t care about the Uyghurs” being genocidally persecuted by the CCP.

Fortunately, one courageous NBA player, Enes Kantor Freedom, is denouncing this preoccupation with “making money and promoting CCP propaganda.” Freedom has asked the Warriors owner whether he’d care if female members of his family were being tortured and gangraped every day, like Uyghur women.

Will American Olympians care about genocide, or join those submitting to its perpetrators?

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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