Secure Freedom Minute: Don’t Be Distracted; This Fight is about America


The indictment of former President Donald Trump in New York yesterday coincided with a number of other recent, politically charged developments, including successive assaults on red state legislatures by so-called “transurrectionist” individuals, that fit a troubling pattern. They all seem calculated to change the subject

What we should be focused upon is the fundamental transformation of our country now underway at the hands of the most radical and anti-constitutional administration in our nation’s history. Team Biden’s wrecking operation at home – including, as a practical matter, the curtailing of our freedoms – combined with its disastrous policies abroad that benefit our nation’s enemies demand not only our urgent attention, but corrective actions.

By distracting, dividing and radicalizing us, however, enemies within and outside our country are being enabled and encouraged to redouble their efforts to take down America. We must stand fast against them.

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