Secure Freedom Minute: Enough of Biden‘s Debilitating Globalism


The governor of Texas visited the Del Rio sector of his state’s border with Mexico yesterday to plead with President Biden to provide the resources needed to stem what amounts to a debilitating invasion of our country.

Unfortunately, Mr. Biden had something else on his mind then, as usual. He was at the United Nations warning about crises facing the planet that require the so-called “world community” to come together – like “climate change” and the present and future pandemics.

The trouble is that Biden’s globalism is not only contributing to the wrecking of our country, including by inviting untold millions of mostly unidentified and unvetted aliens to come here illegally. It fails to appreciate that the only hope for constructive action on virtually any other real problems lies in an America that’s economically and militarily secure – a status he’s determined to preclude.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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