Secure Freedom Minute: Enough with “America Last”


“America Last” has emerged as an organizing principle of the Biden wrecking operation. Examples abound. To pick one, the President has deep-sixed the Keystone EX pipeline and undermined U.S. energy independence, but he cleared the way for the Russian Nordstream 2 pipeline that will make our allies more reliant on a hostile power for natural gas.

Here’s another: Illegal immigrants have been allowed into and distributed all over our country, without regard for their predictable contribution to upticks in Covid-19 and other public health crises. Yet, Americans are being told they must mask up, lock down and show their papers.

Now, amidst the catastrophe in Afghanistan brought on by the Biden bug-out, the Pentagon will not give priority to Americans awaiting extraction and somehow will find space to bring some thirty thousand Afghan refugees to military bases here.  

Restore “America First.”

This is Frank Gaffney.

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