Secure Freedom Minute: Ex-FBI Leaders Warn of Fighting-age Males’ Invasion


Last week, ten former FBI executives warned congressional leaders of “an invasion” that has taken place since 2021 by large numbers of unaccompanied, military-age men from China, Russia and “terror-linked regions.” They specifically anticipate such personnel could inflict “catastrophic damage” on “innocent Americans and the infrastructure that keeps the nation safe and functioning.” 

This danger is exponentially increased if any of these men are able to marry up with the sort of deadly pathogens discovered in a bio-laboratory the Chinese Communist Party secretly set up in Reedley, California. A House committee investigation assesses that there could well be more of these facilities here.

The FBI veterans urge that “the border must be secured against these young men and those already here illegally must be identified and removed without delay.” A failure to do so is an invitation to disaster.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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