Secure Freedom Minute: Give Wray the Boot and Reboot the FBI


Last Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Congress that the Chinese Communist Party plans to use cyber attacks to “wreak havoc” on America’s critical infrastructure. That same day, the Justice Department announced just such a Chinese attack had been thwarted

Frankly, Wray’s warning sounds more like butt-covering than the needed truth-telling and call-to-action concerning the “People’s War” against us that the CCP declared in 2019. 

Indeed, Wray seems unconcerned about such threats as: the thousands of Chinese military personnel coming across our borders; the multiple biolabs the CCP’s likely operating here; or the 400 high-voltage transformers made in China now literally inside the wire of our electric grid.

My colleague, Mike Waller’s new best-seller, Big Intel, compellingly argues that we must break up the FBI, retaining under new leadership the elements needed to fight our actual enemies, foreign and domestic. Amen.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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