Secure Freedom Minute: Hold Biden Accountable for Destroying Our Borders


Team Biden is feverishly trying to deflect attention from its appalling record on border insecurity. It would have us believe that Joe Biden: is committed to keeping illegal aliens out of the country; has just taken important steps to do that; and is being thwarted by Republican failure at the insistence of Donald Trump to enact “bipartisan” legislation that would have made all the difference. 
This is but the latest evidence of two attributes of the Biden presidency: First, from the get-go, this administration has systematically destroyed our borders, deliberately allowing in at least ten million unvetted foreigners – many of them unaccompanied, fighting-age males. And second, it thinks Americans are too stupid to understand that reality. 
Biden is even expected to announce today that he’ll prevent via executive action the deportation of a half a million illegal aliens.  
Hold him accountable.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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