Secure Freedom Minute: If You Liked the 2020 Elections, You’ll LOVE H.R.1

Secure Freedom Minute

I host a television program called “Securing America” that’s a kind of owner’s manual for protecting the country we love. It’s first instruction is “Don’t let radical leftists enact legislation that crushes freedom.”

One such bill is being fast-tracked by congressional Democrats. They misleadingly call it the “For the People Act,” but it’s better known as H.R.1. If you liked how the 2020 elections were conducted, you’ll love this legislation because it will ensure that, from now on, basically every American election, everywhere will be run the same way.

If, instead, you want free and fair elections that respect and uphold our Constitution, rather than impose a one-party state that shreds it, let your representatives in Washington know how you feel about H.R.1 before they vote on it next week. A handful of vulnerable Democrats will decide its fate, and ours.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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