Secure Freedom Minute: Is the CCP Preparing to Depopulate, Occupy America?


There’s been much talk lately about recent Chinese Communist Party tests of nuclear-capable hypersonic vehicles that can be used in sneak attacks against which we are currently defenseless.

Two features demand attention.

Former top Pentagon expert Dr. Mark Schneider notes that the CCP used a commercial space-launcher to put its hypersonic glider into partial orbit. That means it could be secretly sent our way without warning.

And another influential analyst, Dr. Peter Pry, warns such a weapon could be used to detonate a nuclear warhead over our country, unleashing a grid-crushing electromagnetic pulse. Like the use of the deadly bioengineered viruses being aggressively by the Communists of China, such an attack would result in catastrophic loss of life without rendering America uninhabitable.

In the face of such threats, we must recognize the CCP as our mortal enemy and get on a war-footing.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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