Secure Freedom Minute: “Kill Chain” Makes Sidney Powell’s Case – and Ours

Secure Freedom Minute

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Are our electronic voting systems vulnerable? “I feel like we are in terrible danger of losing what it means to be a democracy. If elections can be altered subtly, if they can be altered in a way that is undetectable, how does one trust the results of their election?”

That warning wasn’t from Sidney Powell, the accomplished attorney asking federal courts to confirm that such fraud was perpetrated in this month’s presidential race. Rather, it’s from Sandy Clark, a University of Pennsylvania security researcher, in “Kill Chain” – a documentary released by left-of-center activists weeks before this election.

As even 30% of Democratic voters say the 2020 results were fraudulent, we simply cannot afford to allow demonstrated vulnerabilities to persist – especially since, if such problems aren’t fixed immediately, the upcoming, momentous runoff elections in Georgia will be susceptible to fraud, as well.

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