Secure Freedom Minute: “Never Again,” Again


For seventy-plus years, the Free World has insisted that the Jewish people must “Never Again” be subjected to violent “pogroms” – let alone genocidal attacks. Now, thanks in no small measure to Israel’s betrayal by Joe Biden’s administration, Never Again is being supplanted by “Yet Again.”

In recent days, Israelis have been subjected to 18,000 rockets from Gaza and rioting on Jerusalem’s sacred Temple Mount. Even worse, Jews are being brutally attacked on their streets and in their homes by Arab citizens of Israel.

These conditions are the more shocking for their contrast with those Joe Biden inherited from Donald Trump just 100 days ago. Then, the Palestinians, the Iranians, the Muslim Brotherhood and Israel’s other enemies in the Persian Gulf states were on their heels. Now they are all at the Jews’ throats.

Never Again, again. Stand with Israel, again.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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