Secure Freedom Minute: No Time to Break the Only Military We Have


The Biden wrecking operation that passes for a presidency has had the U.S. military in its crosshairs from the get-go. Shortly  after incoming Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin promised to root out so-called “extremists,” he stood up a working group for the purpose led by a Marxist named Bishop Garrison and largely  populated by radical leftists associated with the anti-military Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU and Muslim Brotherhood. Its members have been promoting racist training programs and compiling lists of service personnel suspected of allegedly “white supremacist” tendencies, being Trump voters or otherwise dangerous.

The latest technique for purging individuals who are actual warriors, but may not be “woke,” is an impending no-exceptions Covid vaccine mandate. Many will resign rather than comply.

This is no time to break the only military we have. Joe Biden must be stopped from doing that.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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