Secure Freedom Minute: Poisonous French Fruits of Biden’s ”No Worse Friend, No Better Enemy” Policies


French President Emmanuel Macron returned home after three days of wining and dining with the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing. No one should be surprised that he just announced what amounts to a “separate peace” with his hosts, even though they are our time’s existential threat to freedom. 

After all, Macron is not simply the latest poster child of the CCP’s “elite capture.” Neither is he simply reverting to the Gaullist tradition of a France independent from and a thorn in the side of the Americans who liberated his country. 

A further factor is the calculation other U.S. allies and partners are also making in response to a Biden administration seemingly set on being “no worse friend, no better enemy.” That’s a formula for more enemies and far fewer friends that the Chinese Communists are happy to exploit, to our mortal peril. 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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