Secure Freedom Minute: Pray that Dong Jingwei is Safely Here – And Stays That Way


Rumors are flying that one of the most important enemy spies in U.S. history has defected to the Defense Intelligence Agency. If true, his debriefings could prove a tremendous boon to our national security – and potentially the death knell for the Biden presidency.

The defector is reportedly Dong Jingwei, China’s highest ranking counter-intelligence officer. He would know his country’s most closely held secrets – including: the truth about the Wuhan virus and the murderous worldwide pandemic it precipitated; whether dictator Xi Jinping’s hold on power is shaky; and the success of the CCP’s subversive penetration of U.S. intelligence, other government agencies and businesses.

Dong would also be able to confirm whether President Biden and others among our leaders have been compromised by the Chinese Communists. We can only pray that he actually is safely here – and, if so, that he’ll stay that way.

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