Secure Freedom Minute: Prevent a Public Health Tyranny – Withdraw from the WHO


A team leader named Dr. Chris Flowers investigating corporate documents concerning Pfizer’s COVID “vaccines” just warned that these drugs “look like targeted weapons towards working persons and more towards…working women…affecting… birth rates…and our populations over time.”

This revelation comes as the Biden administration secretly negotiates to empower the World Health Organization to dictate our future public health policies and practices. That’s the organization that helped impose mask, lockdown and vaccine mandates for COVID at the direction of the Chinese Communist Party – and to the grave detriment of our physical wellbeing,
economy and freedoms.
Our only hope to prevent a new and far more dangerous health tyranny, the end of our sovereignty and constitutional Republic is to withdraw from the WHO. Given such stakes, Congress must make doing so a condition of any further increase in the national debt ceiling.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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