Secure Freedom Minute: Red Alert – Paging U.S. Counter-intelligence


Congress increasingly recognizes that the Chinese Communist Party poses a mortal peril to our country and the rest of the world, which it seeks to dominate. Both houses have just approved bipartisan bills to counter the CCP’s advantages in key technologies with ominous military applications.

Thus, legislators should also weigh in on the Chinese Communists’ success on an even more worrying front – namely, their deep compromise of top policymakers in the Biden Administration, from the President on down. Reportedly, a key addition to their ranks is Thomas Zimmerman, a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel. He’s been a Fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, which the FBI warns has close ties to China’s spy agency.

Such appointments are a clear counter-intelligence threat to America’s national security. To learn more about the magnitude of this danger, visit

This is Frank Gaffney.

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