Secure Freedom Minute: Stop the Latest Biden Gun-Grab


President Biden announced yesterday a new initiative, ostensibly in response to surging violent crime rates across the country. Its centerpiece is a set of new restrictions on so-called “ghost guns” – a made-up descriptor for home-made weapons. The object, though, is called a “gun-grab.”

This is problematic on two scores. First, interfering with legal gun ownership is a hardy perennial of the Left, which understands the freedom to bear arms enshrined in our 2nd Amendment to be the ultimate check on its ambitions to “fundamentally transform” America.

Second, Joe Biden has acknowledged that he’s opting to use “regulatory action” because he cannot secure the congressional majorities needed to grab guns legally. Using unconstitutional means to impose unconstitutional restraints on Americans’ freedoms only compounds the unacceptability of the President’s gambit.

Reject this latest lurch towards tyranny, or expect more of it soon.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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