Secure Freedom Minute: Support and Defend the Constitution, Not the Revolution


School board meetings across America have become battlegrounds between the radical leftists now dominating academia and parents and teachers like Xi Van Fleet who are bravely challenging the indoctrination of our children with so-called “Critical Race Theory” and “Action Civics.”

Mrs. Van Fleet, who survived Mao Zedong’s horrific Cultural Revolution, told her Virginia school board this week that they are radicalizing kids with “cultural Marxist” brainwashing. The only difference is Red Guards here use “racism,” rather than “class warfare,” to divide and conquer our country.

Another front in the counter-revolution is rising opposition to the use of what would better be described as “Communist Racist Training” commissioned by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to purge patriots from the military – in violation of his sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution.

Join us in petitioning Secretary Austin to honor the oath at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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