Secure Freedom Minute: Tactical Victory Confirms Biden’s Strategic Defeat


The liquidation by drone strike of Osama bin Laden’s successor
is a welcome tactical victory for America’s intelligence and
military personnel. Sadly, it also reminds us of the magnitude of
the strategic defeat we suffered at the hands of their
Commander-in-Chief a year ago.

Consider the following facts: Ayman al-Zawahiri was operating
in Afghanistan’s capital. Clearly, with America’s surrender of
the country to the Taliban, it’s a new haven for Sharia-
supremacists the world over. Worse yet, thanks to more than $80
billion-worth of advanced U.S. weaponry President Biden
abandoned there, those jihadists are vastly better armed than
ever before.

And the tens of thousands of unvetted, mostly unaccompanied
young Afghan men that Team Biden allowed to enter and settle
throughout America ensures the danger we face from the next
Zawahiris will not be decisively defeated by wack-a-mole tactics
in distant Afghanistan.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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