Secure Freedom Minute: The ”Biden Doctrine” – Surrender


A “Biden Doctrine” has emerged. It is characterized by a single word: Surrender.

It turns out that Joe Biden’s humiliating surrender of Afghanistan was not an exception; it has become the rule. 

He has surrendered our southern border to dangerous cartels and to Chinese Communists and jihadists exploiting it. 

Biden has surrendered to Iran’s mullahs by enriching them for taking American hostages and building the Bomb. He’s also surrendered to their proxies who have lately attacked U.S. troops over a dozen times by refusing to retaliate or otherwise act effectively to prevent further assaults.

Joe Biden is even coercing our allies in Israel to surrender. That would inevitably be the effect of his intensifying campaign to prevent the Jewish State’s decisive defeat of Hamas in Gaza. 

The Biden Doctrine is undermining our security and emboldening our enemies. It must be repudiated now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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