Secure Freedom Minute: The Danger Behind the CCP’s Growing “Arrogance”


The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda outlets are condemning the arrogance of Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and other U.S. officials, reviling them for lacking a “sense of shame.”

That’s particularly rich since the CCP is simultaneously praising Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists whose research allegedly included the bioengineering of the Covid-19 virus and, what was at best, “an accident” that unleased a pandemic on the world, killing nearly four million people to date. Beijing’s mouthpieces insist that people like the notorious “Bat Lady” of China’s illegal biological weapons program should get the Nobel Prize for Medicine.   

Unfortunately, such Chinese arrogance is but one symptom of the racist and supremacist attitudes that are contributing to dictator Xi Jinping’s determination to dominate the world. We should condemn – and counter – the CCP by recognizing what it is: a transnational criminal organization.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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