Secure Freedom Minute: The ”Not-So-Great Reset”


So it begins. As predicted in this space, now that China’s Genocide Games are complete, Vladimir Putin has launched his long-planned invasion of Ukraine. It turns out not to be a “minor incursion.” Rather, the Russian dictator has – clearly by pre-arrangement – recognized the independence of two Ukrainian provinces in the Donbass region and moved so-called peacekeeping forces in to begin the process of annexing them to Russia.

This is unlikely to be the extent of what might be called the “Not-So-Great Reset.” In a speech yesterday forcefully denouncing the legitimacy of Ukraine’s sovereignty, Putin made plain that his ambitions extend to the whole of that country.

In the absence of the needed, credible deterrence by the United States, we must expect moreover that Putin’s Communist Chinese allies – and perhaps others – will seize the opportunity for aggression, as well. That will end badly.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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