Secure Freedom Minute: The Real ”Enemies of Democracy”


Three years ago, America was fundamentally transformed, not by an “insurrection,” but by those who engineered a riot at the Capitol – and what they’ve done to weaponize and exploit that event ever since. 

The few who engaged in actual crimes that day posed no credible threat of overthrowing the government of the United States. 

And many hundreds of patriotic American citizens peacefully demonstrating on the Hill have been prosecuted, jailed, bankrupted and otherwise unconstitutionally subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment,” thanks in part to the suppression of exculpatory evidence of official decisions that facilitated their entry into the Capitol and provoked the crowd.

At Valley Forge today, President Biden will continue his practice of vilifying not just them, but half the country who were also disenfranchised and have been portrayed ever since as “enemies of democracy” and potential “violent extremists.” 


This is Frank Gaffney.

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