Secure Freedom Minute: The Red-Green Axis is “Grooming” Our Kids


What’s up with college students embracing socialism, anti-Americanism and, most recently, pro-Hamas sentiment? Consider “Queers for Palestine” supporting Muslims murderously intolerant of homosexuals.

The brilliant social scientist Stella Morabito argues that American youths’ support for jihadists expressed on our campuses is a function of conditioning. She says “Most students you see at such chant-fests have been groomed to believe they must adopt certain beliefs and behaviors to be socially accepted. This is key to understanding the shift in attitude toward terrorists.”

Prime-movers behind such toxic grooming are the Muslim Brotherhood, its Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine. When amplified and weaponized by the Chinese Communist Party’s addictive TikTok, you have a “Red-Green axis” that is subversively conditioning generations of our countrymen, posing a serious threat to not only Israel, but this country and Judeo-Christian civilization more generally.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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