Secure Freedom Minute: The Truth is Joe Biden is the “Congenital Liar”


Marxists’ favorite technique is the practice of blaming their opponents for the very behavior in which the Left is aggressively engaged.

A prime example of such projection is the Democrats’ desperate post-debate efforts to defend President Biden by describing him as a man of “character,” in contrast to his opponent, Donald Trump, who they accuse of repeated lying.

There’s arguably been no greater lie told in modern American politics than the contention that Joe Biden is fit to perform the functions of governing this country. Unless it’s that he’s a man of high character.  

If – as Joe Biden insists – there’s actually a “congenital liar” in this presidential race, it’s the one in his mirror. His record of plagiarism, election fraud, serial betrayal of oath of office and country, to say nothing of misrepresenting his health, should and must be disqualifying.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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