Secure Freedom Minute: UNRWA is Rotten to the Core – Defund it Permanently


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, universally known as UNRWA, supposedly provides humanitarian assistance for so-called Palestinian “refugees.” In practice, it has been allowed for decades to provide material support to Gaza’s Hamas terrorists. 

Now, there’s sufficiently compelling evidence of twelve UNRWA employees participating directly in Hamas’ genocidal October 7th invasion of Israel that seventeen nations have suspended funding pending the completion of a likely UN investigatory whitewash. 

An indispensable group, UN Watch, will demonstrate in congressional testimony today, these are not – as the United Nations and its apologists insist – “a few bad apples.” Rather, the entire operation is rotten to the core and should be defunded permanently. 

And it is high time that a former UNRWA employee named Maher Bitar who is, incredibly, the Senior Director for Intelligence at the Biden National Security Council, be sent packing, as well.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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