Secure Freedom Minute: We Must Not Reward Palestinian Attacks on Israel


The Biden administration reportedly intends to send over three hundred million dollars to Palestinian and UN agencies implicated in fomenting – and in some cases actually executing – violent attacks against America’s ally, Israel.

The proposed expenditure is unfortunately just one planned reversal of punitive measures taken by its predecessor. The Trump team acted in the face of Palestinian Authority “pay to slay” rewards for terrorism and refusal to negotiate with Israel and a rabidly pro-Palestinian UN agency’s incitement of hostility towards the Jewish State. Now even the terrorist group Hamas stands to benefit from renewed U.S. reconstruction grants in Gaza.

President Biden boasts “America is back.” Getting back to business as usual in propping up anti-American Palestinians that are, at best, corrupt, and at worst, violent jihadists determined to destroy Israel is a formula for more, not less, war in the Middle East. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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