Secure Freedom Minute: We Must Stop Biden’s Fratricidal Subversion


The Biden-Harris administration doubled-down this week on its assertion that we now face very dangerous adversaries within the United States. Incredibly, it’s not worried about Antifa, Black Lives Matter or Islamists. We’re told instead the most menacing of such foes are white supremacists.

A new domestic counter-terrorism strategy and ominous remarks by Attorney General Merrick Garland harken back to  leftist tropes about “countering violent extremism” promoted during the Obama-Biden administration. Meanwhile, political commissars are indoctrinating military personnel with so-called “critical race theory” training and scrutinizing with suspicion  patriots withdrawing from the military.

As if these efforts to divide, alienate and radicalize our countrymen and women weren’t bad enough, Team Biden has another initiative straight out of the Marxist playbook: encourage family members to rat each other out to authorities.

We must stop all such fratricidal subversion, now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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