Secure Freedom Minute: We Must Stop Enabling the Growing CCP Threat


Lieutenant General Mike Flynn warned Tucker Carlson yesterday about the growing threat posed by Communist China. He highlighted the advantage the Chinese gain by simply stealing military technology we spend billions and decades to produce.

Today, a U.S. Navy engineer and his wife are being arraigned for allegedly trying to sell an unidentified nation – presumably China – extremely sensitive naval nuclear propulsion technology. Fortunately, the FBI was able to intercept it, instead.

This development underscores the magnitude of our challenge. How many of the hundreds of thousands of students and other Chinese nationals in this country – including some in our government research labs, cyber operatives and spies are successfully stealing our information that can be used to kill us? 

And can the FBI really afford to be spending any time investigating American moms opposing their kids’ racist indoctrination and other non-“domestic terrorists”?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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